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Questions to Ask Yourself when Considering a Commercial AV System

  A commercial AV system may seem like a big investment, but the benefits that come with it are priceless. Benefits you may see are an increase in customer satisfaction, more engaged employees, better communication, and more depending on your industry and use. That being said, there are some considerations you should make when planning […]

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Six Conference Room Trends for 2022

  Conference rooms are where we come together. It is where your team meets and generates new ideas, discusses issues, puts together a strategy to move forward, and more. It is where you meet with vendors and put together new deals. Throughout the pandemic, they gained a ‘next-level’ of importance. Having conference rooms set up […]

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How to Setup Your Commercial Audio System to Create the Best Atmosphere for Your Guests

It is Friday night, and you love to join friends and family out somewhere to eat. You head out to one of your favorite restaurants. What do you like about it? What does it have in common with your other favorite restaurants? What about them draws you to continue to go back? Sure, the food […]

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Five Must Have Technologies for Hybrid Learning

  Hybrid learning has helped the continuation of education through the pandemic and beyond. As schools, teachers, and students become more prepared for hybrid learning, it has gained in both efficiency and effectiveness. There are various technologies that you’ll need to achieve this. Let’s take a look at some essentials. (Learn more about what hybrid […]

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Hybrid Learning Done Right – The Models, Challenges, and Solution

  Along with uncertainty, 2020 brought many changes with it. Many of these changes were rushed, trying our best to keep everyone safe during the global pandemic. The pandemic caused schools to reformat and restructure how they taught their students. Schools had never dealt with this kind of situation in their lifetime, and they had […]

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Five Pieces of Technology every Successful Hybrid Classroom Needs

Education is a common practice, right? Well, 2020 was almost anything other than a common year. Most schools around the country moved to a virtual format while some stayed in-person, and some went to a hybrid solution.  At the start of the 2021 school year, all of us knew we needed to do everything we […]

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Seven Powerful Changes to the Security and Surveillance Industry over the Last Decade

As with most things, the only sure thing is change. The surveillance industry is no exception. When we look back 10 to 15 years, a simple CCTV (Closed-circuit television) system was all you needed to bring peace of mind to your business. As we have evolved, so have our surveillance and security needs. Advanced Video […]

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