Five Must Have Technologies for Hybrid Learning

Five Must Have Technologies for Hybrid Learning


Hybrid learning has helped the continuation of education through the pandemic and beyond. As schools, teachers, and students become more prepared for hybrid learning, it has gained in both efficiency and effectiveness. There are various technologies that you’ll need to achieve this. Let’s take a look at some essentials.

(Learn more about what hybrid learning is in a recent blog post of ours on the Xycom website)


An obvious essential when it comes to hybrid learning, you will use a computer for many aspects of hybrid learning. When joining a class remotely, you will use your computer to connect with it. Depending on the setup of the class, you may be using your computer to watch the teacher teach. You may be writing on the smartboard from your computer. You use your computer to take notes, write, do independent research, and more.

Bonus, most computers have built-in microphones and video cameras, more technology that you will need for hybrid learning.

Video technology/Camera

Video is a must when it comes to hybrid learning. Students need to be able to see their teacher while they are teaching, and it helps teachers see the kids while they are teaching as well. Seeing the students lets the teacher see their reactions; are they excited? Or perhaps they look confused.

Video is also needed when students are collaborating with other students. It is hard for students to interact with one another if they cannot see each other. As we mentioned above, most computers have built-in video technology, but you may want to set up an external webcam to ensure quality and a clear picture. Hybrid learning is not simply a recording of the teaching, it is active and synchronous.


A microphone is another piece of technology that is most likely built into your computer. When you are communicating with a classroom that you are not in but connected to remotely, it is important that those in the classroom can hear you. Interacting with the teacher, asking a question, or collaborating with other students may prove challenging when your voice is full of static or breaking up. A built-in microphone may lack in quality or experience a failure. Setting up an external microphone will help to ensure everyone can hear you.

Displays in the classroom

For these, we’re going to focus on smart displays. Smart displays respond to real-time actions and can mimic a whiteboard. They are great for teachers to use as a traditional whiteboard while, with the right technology, letting remote students write on the board as well.

Learning Link uses a smart display at the front and the back of the room. The front display acts as an interactive whiteboard, while the back display lets the teacher see the faces of everyone joining the class remotely. We are also currently developing a TV wall for the back of classrooms.

Collaborative Software

A hybrid learning classroom will need collaborative software to foster learning and collaboration. Collaboration software lets students effectively work together, learning, brainstorming, and completing group projects together. The ability to work together, collaborate with others, is important in hybrid learning. You may want to look at software like Google ClassroomCanvas LMS, or Moodle.


While the technologies listed above are the absolute essential technologies when it comes to hybrid learning, there is additional technology that may make hybrid learning more effective and efficient. Technology such as an external mouse, touch monitors, and tablets may help students in hybrid learning more easily engage with the class and learn.

Learning Link is a hybrid learning technology that will set up your school, teachers, and students for success. Xycom Technology provides technology implementation and support services and has been helping our clients meet all of their technology needs since 1999. Interested in Learning Link? Call us today at (412)828-1700


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