Questions to Ask Yourself when Considering a Commercial AV System


A commercial AV system may seem like a big investment, but the benefits that come with it are priceless. Benefits you may see are an increase in customer satisfaction, more engaged employees, better communication, and more depending on your industry and use. That being said, there are some considerations you should make when planning for a commercial AV system.

Will you be installing your new AV system in a new build or renovating an existing space? 

We’d say this is your first consideration as there are big implications from one to the other. When you are installing an AV system into a new build, your options are limitless. You can fully customize the cabling, mounting, and electrical fittings however you like.

When you are putting your new AV system into a space you’re already using, you need to consider all of the physical obstacles to installation and determine the best possible setup. How will your customers or employees be using the space? Based on those considerations and the existing infrastructure, we can determine the optimal setup for your new AV system.

What is your budget?

Commercial AV systems are highly customizable with many available options, fitting a budget of any size. A solid approach is to create two setups:

  • Your ideal AV system with everything you want.
  • A basic system that simply covers your daily needs.

Your budget is likely somewhere in between. Knowing all three points will help us design a custom AV system for you that not only meets your budget and daily needs but exceeds the expectations of your customers and team members.

What are your daily functions?

Speaking of what your new AV system needs to do on a daily basis. What daily functions will your need your AV system to perform? This will help us determine the best technology to design into your space to meet your needs.

  • Do you have a restaurant/bar that you want large displays in to draw more customers into your business for sporting events?
  • Are you renovating a small space to host private events in?
  • Do you own a restaurant where you are looking to install touch screen menus or digital menu boards?

The options are limitless, but your needs are specific. Consider what exactly those needs are to design the best AV system for you.

What is the size of your space and the obstacles within it? 

To garner this information, first, calculate the square footage of the space to determine its overall size. Next, what obstacles are within it? Do you have a curved wall? A circular support pillar? You must take all of this into consideration. How many people will be in the space when it is in use? How many screens and speakers will you need to accommodate those people? When you don’t take all of these into account, you may end up with the incorrect technology to meet your needs.

What audio quality do you need? 

When it comes to audio quality, you have probably experienced a wide array. What quality will you need in your space? Will your space have loud music going all night? Are you a coffee shop with smooth lofi beats on in the background? If you are serving customers, will your team members be able to hear over the noise? Will your employees in separate rooms need an audio system? Different spaces and quality needs will require different AV systems.

What are the needs of your new AV system? 

As you can see from the above, there are many different options and needs depending on the industry you are in, what you will be using your AV system for, and who it is used for. Our team of AV experts can work with you to define a system that meets all of your needs while exceeding your expectations. Contact us today for more information.


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