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About “XYCOM”

XYCOM is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based low voltage contractor. We are provider and complete integrator of modern building, safety, communication, security, and infotainment technology. We act as facilitator of technology construction, specializing in incorporating all aspects of technology and building systems together. We have dedicated implementation and support staff currently servicing our customers across the country. Founded in 1999, XYCOM has the experience, longevity, and technical fortitude to confidently assess your business and apply the XYCOM Process. No matter the size of the assignment, XYCOM will handle every aspect of the project taking complete ownership of its success.


communications & infrastructure

Data/Phone/Fiber cabling installation, network cabling certification, network topology design, managed WiFi network installation, public broadcast, cellular amplification/repeater systems, telephones and Point-to-Point wireless transmission. Whatever your needs, Xycom can help.


Audio & Video

Flat panel TV installation, seamless Video Walls, zoned audio systems, and entertainment systems are only the surface of the A/services Xycom offers. Xycom tailors custom A/solutions around your business’ needs and the quality of products and installation to meet the expectations of the end user. If you’re outfitting anything from restaurant, hotel lobby, church, night-club, conference room, huddle space or an interactive classroom, XYCOM is ready.

Surveillance & Security

Surveillance, Security, Access & Fire

Artificial Intelligence has paved the way for true and effective utilization of camera systems. Instant notifications, authority dispatch options, live visual verification services are the just the beginning. Unparalleled image quality and organized, impactful, real-time data delivery to your mobile device will give complete assurance that your property is safe and secure.

Whatever Your Business Needs, Xycom Can Help

We pride ourselves in providing a plethora of services to fit the technological demands of today’s workforce. We strive to be a one-stop provider of any technological solution. Our professional project management skills make working with us to accomplish any task a breeze. If you’re ready to get back to focusing on your business, then contact us today and let the experts help you with your technological needs.