Audio & Video

Whether you’re outfitting a bar or a conference room, XYCOM can design and install many different audio / video systems. XYCOM offers solutions including multi-zoned audio systems, HD Matrix systems, and even sound-proofing and privacy solutions for offices. Get in touch with us today to discuss our full range of A/V services and see how we can fit your needs, or check out a few of our services listed below:

Audio Installation for Business

XYCOM offers background and zoned audio installation that will keep your customers entertained. We can install an audio system that fits within your business’ needs, no matter the size of your space.

Video Walls, Matrix, & Distribution Systems

XYCOM can design and install HD matrix or distribution systems to fit any business need, from a large displays sports bar, to advertising arrays for event venues

Digital Signage

Signs are everywhere these days, whether it be menu boards, lobby directories, or advertisements. XYCOM offers a range of digital signage which we will install, configure, and update for your company.