Background Audio Systems

Background Audio Systems Create a Welcoming Atmosphere for Your Business.

Background audio systems play a crucial role in creating a welcoming atmosphere in restaurants, bars, retail spaces, and more. Having light music playing in a venue can be very inviting if done in a subtle way. Xycom Technology Group’s experts have years of experience in design, installation, and management of background audio systems for buildings and retail spaces of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to have a set up installed for your endeavor, or you’re looking for a regional contractor to manage local franchises, Xycom has a solution to fit your needs.

What is a Background Audio System?

Background audio systems are actually a collection of different hardware that work together to produce non-overpowering music in your venue. These systems are typically comprised of a combination of carefully selected speakers and a receiver module. Also, sound deadening can be applied in certain instances along with multi-zone audio setups in order to have different music playing in different areas of your store / restaurant.

Why Should I Look Into a Background Audio System?

If you own a restaurant, bar, or retail space, chances are you already understand the value of a background audio system. If you still aren’t convinced that a system is right for you, there are a couple of items to consider.

During periods of low traffic, an audio system playing light music can help to create a more lively atmosphere in an otherwise quiet environment. Conversely, even during high traffic periods, an audio system can help to deaden the white noise created by multiple conversations being carried on at once.

Background audio systems are very commonplace in many different businesses today, to the point that they’re almost expected in some instances. For large spaces, they can really help to take away some of the cavernous, quiet feeling, helping to take the edge off so that your customers can enjoy their experience.

Let Xycom Help you Explore Offerings

Xycom’s experts have installed background audio systems in many different spaces over the years, and have the experience necessary to help guide you in choosing a solution that fits your needs and budget. Get in touch today and set up a time to speak with one of Xycom’s experts about your project.