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Custom Digital Signage Solutions Tailored to Your Business Needs

Signs are everywhere these days whether it be menu boards, lobby directories, or advertisements. Companies everywhere are spending billions of dollars a year to properly market their business. Today, companies large and small are making the change from traditional signage to digital signage. Fast and easy to use, digital signage makes it easy to update any menu board, advertisement or directory a company may have.

Update a menu to display a new special, change a display to show a new sale, or keep the menus in your restaurant up to date – all made easier and faster with digital signage. XYCOM offers a range of digital signage which we will install, configure, and update for your company. If your business is interested in looking into digital signage solutions, contact XYCOM today to learn about the wide range of products we offer.

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What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is the best way to market your business and display your content. By utilizing different display technologies, digital signage can display images, video, menus, websites, and more. Digital signage can be useful in many different industries, such as recreation/tourism, restaurant/bar, education, service/retail, and healthcare. It’s a good choice for public information, product information, brand building, navigation, and advertisement.  In essence, digital signage is just as good as traditional signage if not better in every situation, and digital signage can be used for any content of any size with limitless capability.

Digital Signage VS. Traditional Signage

Easily Updatable

Digital signage allows you to add, update, and remove text with ease. Unlike with traditional signage, digital allows for a wide range of text features. For example, you can animate your text to create effects such as fading in, fading out, and scrolling.

Present Multiple Ads

With digital signage, it’s possible to create a rotating set of images to bring your display more variety. Rather than a single ad, you can present multiple ideas to your clients using one display.

Utilize Video

Outside of just standard imagery, digital signage can include video, which in turn creates a more dynamic experience than a traditional sign could provide.

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The Process

XYCOM makes it easy to get digital signage set up in your business location. The process is easy – contact XYCOM and one of our representatives will help you choose the digital signage solution that’s right for you. Once you’ve chosen your digital sign, we will install it for you. Finally, send us what you want to put on your sign and we will place it on to your display.

Do you want your sign updated to a newer version of your graphic?  just send us the new graphic you’d like and we will change it for you. If you need help creating ads for your signage, we can be of assistance.


XYCOM has decades of experience helping organizations large and small find the right product for their business. With digital signage, the process is no different. Our experts will listen to your specific needs, and help you find the product that’s right for you. We’ll handle all the installation, and then create a long-term relationship for maintenance and upkeep of your digital sign. By partnering with XYCOM , you get industry-leading service and support, and the peace of mind of knowing help is just a phone call away.

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