DJ Booth / Jukebox Integration

Jukeboxes and DJ Booths are extraordinarily common in modern bars and clubs, but with many possibilities on the market today, it’s important to make sure to weigh your options before having a setup installed in your venue. Fortunately,  Xycom Technology Group has decades of experience in the design and installation of custom jukebox and DJ booth solutions, and can help you explore different offerings to find something that fits your needs. Even better, when you work with Xycom for other audio installation services, it’s possible to integrate your jukebox or DJ booth right into your venue’s stereo system, allowing for a seamless experience across your entire location.

Benefits of a Modern Jukebox System

Jukeboxes have come a long way since their original inception as record switching machines. Today’s jukeboxes integrate directly into your venue and its sound system, connect to WiFi, allow payment via debit / credit card, and can even allow your patrons to line up songs or see what’s next directly from their phones.

Because these modern jukeboxes are directly connected to the internet, they allow your patrons to select from an expansive list of music, ranging from classics and oldies to more modern hits. Gone are the days of being limited by the number of tracks you can fit in your jukebox. Also, since patrons can easily line up songs and make purchases directly from their phones, purchase numbers tend to be higher than a traditional jukebox.

If you’re interested in livening up your venue with a custom jukebox solution that integrates right into your venue’s stereo system, contact the experts at Xycom Technology Group to go over your project and needs.

Custom DJ Booth Solutions

For larger clubs and venues, it’s fairly common to have a sound stage or custom DJ booth present for any performers that may visit. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to getting a DJ booth for your location. There are many factors that influence the options available, including the size of your venue, available floor space, and even the current audio system. Xycom Technology Group can help you go over options for your specific venue, and thanks to partnerships with many large technology manufacturers, they can help pair you with a system that perfectly fits your needs and budget. Xycom works directly with the hardware already present in your venue to integrate your DJ booth right into the venue stereo system.

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