Video Walls, Matrix, & Distribution Systems

What is a HD Matrix System?

HD Matrix systems are created by combining a number of high definition flat panel displays in a grid, and utilizing a switch box in order to split the image signal into the correct layout to stretch across the grid of screens. XYCOM can design and install HD matrix systems to fit any business need, from a large displays sports bar, to advertising arrays for event venues. XYCOM’s HD matrix offerings are expansive and can adapt to fit any need. If you’re interested in looking into HD matrix options for your business, contact XYCOM.

What is a Distribution System?

The same technology that’s used to drive HD matrix systems can also be used to drive distribution systems. A distribution system is a collection of displays, all driven from a single switch control box. These systems allow you to control large numbers of displays in many different rooms / areas of your business. Distribution systems are incredibly common in bars & restaurants, and can be used to broadcast different programs to all areas of these venues. If you’re wondering if a distribution system could benefit your business, contact XYCOM today and talk with one of our experts.

What are the Benefits of a HD Matrix / Distribution System?

Owning and operating a hd matrix / distribution system comes with a number of benefits for your business. HD Matrix systems can prove to be more cost effective over the long term when compared to other large display solutions. Rather than having to invest in larger, more expensive display solutions, HD Matrix systems can be created using multiple average consumer level displays. If there’s ever a display failure or issue, the cost of replacing a single display in the matrix can be much less than replacing or repairing a larger, more specialized display. Also, HD Matrix systems can be scaled and adapted to different sizes, allowing them to fit the needs of your specific application.

Distribution systems can be used to help reduce headache in venues with a large number of displays broadcasting different programming. Rather than manually setting each television to the channel you want, you can use the switch box to control each display in the distribution system. This allows for ease of use, which lets you focus more time on servicing customers.

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