Communications & Infrastructure

The infrastructure and cabling plant of any system is the foundation of that system. Without adherence to proper standards and protocols during installation, long term communication effects and other system stability issues will likely arise.

XYCOM specializes in the infrastructure portion of every project. Each of our specially trained technicians have the ability run, terminate, test and certify all of our communication cabling. We never rely on a third party, subcontractor or electrician. We are equipped and staffed to be  install and manage the network infrastructure, managed WiFi systems and on-premise and cloud based phone systems. XYCOM can cable anything


Data / Voice Cabling

XYCOM is a commercial low voltage contractor that can assist every aspect of voice, data and fiber optic cabling. XYCOM also offers managed wireless networking solutions to fit every instance and budget.

Telephony Installation

XYCOM partners with many large companies in order to be able to provide full range of telephony systems for businesses of any size.

Network / WiFi Layout & Design

There are many data storage and networking solutions available, and the options can be overwhelming. XYCOM can help your business explore the options and choose the best network layout for your business.