IT Security

The Online Security of Your Business is Crucial to its Ongoing Success

Modern businesses both large and small have begun to rely more heavily on digital and online infrastructure for day to day operations. Anymore, it’s extraordinarily common for businesses to use online services including email, file sharing, websites, large website driven customer databases, and more. With every service utilized on the web there comes an additional, inherent risk of a data security breach. A single, well constructed hack can send businesses into damage control mode, left to pick up the pieces while informing an understandably frustrated and vulnerable customer base of the bad news.

Fortunately, with a bit of foresight and planning, it’s possible to deter and prevent major data breaches from occurring. Xycom Technology Group has decades of experience setting up and managing a variety of IT security technologies, and can help your business craft a bulletproof plan for protecting your virtual assets.

Penetration Testing: Thinking Like a Hacker

The first step to fixing vulnerable areas in your business’s online infrastructure is to identify them. Penetration testing is the art of “thinking like a hacker”, and attempting to exploit various parts of your network in order to find and patch vulnerabilities before somebody with negative intentions finds them. Penetration testing can occur both on site in your office, or off site from a remote location. The key to a successful test is to make sure to thoroughly examine the network from all angles to patch any security flaws. A security audit will then be crafted, serving as a plan of attack for improving the quality of your network security.

After identifying all possible routes that unwanted traffic can use to reach your digital assets via penetration testing, firewalls can be used to help keep bad traffic out. Using a firewall, it’s possible to block certain pathways, keeping your network safe. There are many different firewall options available, both hardware based and software based, and Xycom Technology Group can help your business weigh the options and come up with a solution that fits your security needs and budget.

Xycom can also work with you to segment your network into various subnetworks, placing crucial, sensitive information further away from assets that are of less importance. By separating your information into different areas, Xycom helps to ensure that even if one area of your business becomes compromised, you won’t experience a total loss.

Protect Your Network Via Firewalls and Segmentation

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