Network / WiFi Layout & Design

Premium Network Architecture for Businesses of All Sizes

The data and computing needs of businesses have grown exponentially over the last few years. As your business grows, it’s important to make sure that your IT infrastructure is set up in a sustainable fashion that supports this growth and expansion. There are many data storage and networking solutions available, and the options can be overwhelming. XYCOM can help your business explore the options and choose the best network layout for your business.

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Complete Facility Communication

Whether you have single office, or you have multi-state industrial factories, you’ll have the same reliance on your network and your ability to communicate.. XYCOM is positioned to mobilize and facilitate the layout / design of your network, cabling plant or wireless needs. XYCOM specializes in multi-site facilities, and can help you create blended network architecture utilizing hardwired communication, Point-to-Point wireless, or standard WiFi system. No network is too advanced, and no matter your needs, Xycom can help and are happy to provide you with some options that will create the appropriate fit.