Network / WiFi Layout & Design

Premium Network Architecture for Businesses of All Sizes

The data and computing needs of businesses have grown exponentially over the last few years. As your business grows, it’s important to make sure that your IT infrastructure is set up in a sustainable fashion that supports this growth and expansion. There are many data storage and networking solutions available, and the options can be overwhelming. Xycom Technology Group can help your business explore the options and choose the best network layout for your business.

Hardware or Cloud Based Solutions

Every business has different needs. Some businesses are run primarily online, funneling thousands of users every day through their web app or store. Others only need to worry about private company data storage, where security and privacy is of the utmost importance. These different needs can be met with many solutions.

Having an on site hardware based server (or grouping of) in your location can be a very useful tool for sharing company information and running your back end business logic. Xycom Technology Group can work with you to design and layout a network architecture that exists in your physical office, interfacing with all of the connected devices you use.

For larger scale web apps and websites, there are many cloud based solutions for computing and data storage that can be scaled up to meet even the highest of demands. Cloud based services all operate and price differently though, so it’s important to explore all options thoroughly before jumping into anything. Xycom can go over options with you and help you get set up in the cloud.

Interfacing Your Offices

Whether you only have a single office, or you have multiple locations, you’ll need get all of your connected devices hooked up on your local network. Whether you’re trying to allocate space for new computers on the network, add in a new network enabled printer, or set up a local file server, Xycom can help. Through the use of modern Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology, Xycom can even allow your employees to securely access remote documents while off-site and on the go.

For businesses with more than one location, Xycom can help you create a blended network architecture utilizing both hardware and cloud based solutions so that files and data can be shared seamlessly between locations. No network is too advanced, and no matter your needs, Xycom can help.

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