Access Control / Premise Security

keyless entry keypad on door

Understanding and controlling who has access to your facility is very important. Having the ability to set door opening schedules, provide individualized access to entry and interiors doors are very helpful. Always being able to know who and when any person enters your facility, being able to remove person’access at any time, even remotely are all standards in the access control systems that XYCOM implements.

Every building is unique and the general construction, door hardware, accessibility requirements, and system use are all considering in our design process. XYCOM has partnered with all of the major Access Control manufacturers to be able to offer everything from quality basic system to something much more advanced, integrated and feature rich. Let us know when we can setup site visit to discuss all the options that exist.

While security cameras can be a vital asset for monitoring your business on the go and recording theft, they aren’t a full stop solution. When focusing on the security of your business, it can be very beneficial to stop a crime as it happens. Without 24/7 camera monitoring, this can be difficult to achieve. This is where XYCOM’s premise security offerings come in to play. XYCOM utilizes state of the art motion detection and burglar alarm systems in order to help prevent theft as it occurs. When used in conjunction with an IP security camera system, premise security systems offer a very high level of peace of mind.


What is a Premise Security System?

Premise security systems are comprised of a number of parts that all work together to help prevent theft, and even detect smoke, heat, and other environmental changes. These security systems can be used to detect motion, sound, and more in order to dispatch the police when a break in occurs. Systems can also be paired with sensors to detect when doors or windows are opened in order to provide full peace of mind.

How Do Premise Security Systems Work?

XYCOM’s security systems couldn’t be easier to use. When you or your employees are done in the office for the day, simply arm the system and head out knowing that your office is protected. If any break ins or fires occur, the system will automatically notify you and dispatch the appropriate emergency response agency.

In the morning, when you arrive back in the office, simply unlock the door and enter as you normally would. You’ll then be able to disarm the system with a special code that you can set in order to prevent it from triggering. After a set period of time, if the correct code is not entered, the system will trigger.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in learning more about the security solutions that XYCOM has to offer, use the form below or get in touch using any of the methods on the contact page and one of our experts will show you our offerings and discuss which solution best fits your needs. XYCOM’s experts help with everything including choosing the right system, designing a layout to fit your structure, and installing all of the components. XYCOM handles everything from A – Z so you can focus on what’s important: running your business.